CEO message

Thank you for your ongoing support.
In September 2015, Oigawa Railway Group converted its management policy away from a conventional transport business operator to become an integrated transport service provider.

In other words, safety is our responsibility as a transport business operator, but we also want to deliver customer service and satisfaction as well. By exceeding customers' expectations, we aim to create an "Arigato" chain between our customers and our employees.

We believe the quality of service can be improved at all times by utilising information gathered beyond the group's framework.

As a company which has taken root in the Oigawa region, cooperation activities with people living along the railway are crucial: Building a cooperative relationship with the local government, regional planning and holding local events are some of the few examples. In order to realise the ideal situation, both parties need to exchange information and strive continuously.

Oigawa Railway Group has began a new journey.
We promise to become an integrated transport service provider, in which all of our employees share our customers' perspectives and add new values to Oigawa region's development.

CEO Shinobu Maeda
Oigawa Railway Group