Shin­Kanaya Station

For ticket sales and Inquiries, visit Shin­Kanaya Station

1112­2, 2 Kanaya Higashi, Shimada­shi, Shizuoka
Telephone: +81(0)547­45­4112
Office Hours: 09:00 ­ 17:00

By Car

From Shimada Kanaya IC on Shin­Tomei take the 473 towards South for approx. 7 mins. You can also take the 473 from Makinohara IC on Tomei, and head North towards Shizuoka Airport for approx. 15 mins.




There is a parking lot in front of Shin­Kanaya Station. Above is the estimated time. Due to the traffic, it may longer.

By Train

Take JR Tokai Line to Kanaya Station. Change to Oigawa Main Line.It will take roughly 4 minutues to Shin­Kanaya Station on a local train.




Above is the estimated time. Due to transport disturbance, it may longer.

Senzu Station

A hub for tourists visiting Oku−Oi using Abt System trains. Steam Locomotives also terminate here.

1219­1, Senzu, Nemoto­cho, Haibara­gun, Shizuoka

Telephone: +81(0) 547­59­2137
Office Hours: 09:00 ­ 17:00